Rastko Ćirić


Rastko Ćirić

Employee of the Faculty of Applied Arts since 1994. Graduated in 1979 and finished postgraduate studies in 1982 from the Graphic Department of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

Promoted to the Professor title in 2006 for the field of Illustration. Narrower art field – Book Design, subjects Illustration and Animation.

Founder of the subject (now Module) of Animation and the FAA Animation Studio at the Faculty of Applied Arts (2006).

Head of the Digital Arts Program at the Interdisciplinary studies of the University of Arts in Belgrade (since 2005).

Member of ULUPUDS, ASIFA, Belgrade Ex-libris Circle, Art Directors Club Serbia.

Fields of interest: graphic arts, applied graphics (illustration, logos, ex-libris, comics), animation, music.

  • 42 one-man exhibitions (Belgrade; Novi Sad; Vranje; Ljubljana and Kopar, Slovenia; Annecy and Orleans, France; Legnica, Poland; Hiroshima, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Polleur, Belgium.
  • Author of 14 animated films, among which: Tango Ragtime (1985, Dunav Film), The Tower of Bababel (1988, Zagreb Film), Ogres and Bogies (1989, Avala Film), Invisible and Poorly Visible Animal Species (1998, Dunav Film), Metamorph (2005, Rastko Ćirić & G&MC Group); Fantasmagorie 2008 (Rastko Ćirić & Metamorf; the first Serbian stereoscopic film).
  • Awards for animation: München 1982, Zagreb 1988, Ottawa 1988, Belgrade 1989, Titograd 1989, Belgrade 1989, Zlatibor 1993, Novi Sad 1993, Belgrade 1998, Kiev, Ukraine 1998, Drama, Greece 1998, Belgrade 1999, Grand-Prix Čačak 1999, Grand-Prix Belgrade 2006, Moscow 2006, Hiroshima 2006, Belgrade 2008, Ljubljana 2008, Belgrade 2009, Lipecki, Russia 2009. IF Communication Design Award 2015.
  • Ex collaborator of the New Your Times Book Review.
  • Most important published books: Take Your Drawings for a Walk - Small School of Animation (1986), Ogres and Bogies / with A. Palavestra (1989), Common Life Anatomy (1994), First, Second and Third Story about Farty (1994), Centaur Letters (2000), Pangrams (2000), Home-Bred Metamorph Cultivating Manual (2002), Ten Lecturers Handbooks by Rastko Ćirić (2003), Miscellenia (2005), Collection of Texts about Ex-libris (2007), Bash Tchelik (2010), Collection of texts about FAA (2013).
  • Founder and editor of the Signum edition of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade (since 2006).
  • The Rubber Soul Project is a multimedia project containing two CD-s with music, a feature documentary and two books. CD1 with music and DVD with the film was published in the USA in 2006. The Complete RSP box edition was published in 2015 by Paladin, Belgrade, in collaboration with Igor Kordey.
  • Founder and Art Director of the Festival of European Student Animation FESA, Belgrade (2012).


Анимација: Миленко Стевановић
Drawing and animation: Milenko Stevanović, 4th year student, 2007.










Illustration for poster for the World Animated Film Festival Monstra 2016, Lisbon, Portugal.

Poster for Festival of European Student Animated Film FESA 2014, Belgrade

Poster for European Animated Film Festival Balkanima 2014, Belgrade

Poster for one-man exhibition in Hiroshima, Japan, 2008.

Cover for monograph Miscellenia (Svaštara), New Image, Belgrade, 2005.

Illustration: Who owns native culture?, New York Times Book Review, September 2003

Exlibris for maried couple C & K Roustan Delatour, France, 2007

Poster for 3. Europian Festival of Animated Film, BALKANIMA ’06, Belgrade, 2006