Sanja Dragutinović Komatina


Sanja Dragutinović Komatina
Assistant Professor

Art field: Conservation and restauration
Subjects: Introduction to conservation and restauration (Undergraduate studies)
Conservation and restauration of wall paintings and mosaics 1 (Undergraduate studies)
Employed at the Faculty of Applied Arts since 1998 at the Department for Conservation and Restauration.

Graduated in 1996 and finished postgraduate studies in 2000 at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Department for Applied Painting and Conservation, with the master thesis title: »Conservation of wall paintings at archaeological sites«. Finished International Course on the Conservation of Mural Paintings and Related Architectural Surfaces, ICCROM, Rome (Italy), in 1998.

Employed at the Faculty of Applied Arts as teaching assistant since 1998, promoted to Assistant Professor in 2006. Participated as a teacher in the post-graduate course on Conservation Science at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), Department of Chemical Engineering (1998-2003). As a member of «Restorers without borders« team, taught at the Seminar on Theory and Techniques of Conservation, Skopje, Macedonia (2003).

Involved in the following projects of conservation and restauration of the wall paintings of: the Gomionica Monastery in Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (16th century); wall paintings fragments at the territory of ancient Belgrade (2nd and 3rd century); the Early Christian Crypt in the city of Nis (4th century); the Sant`Eligio deli Orefici and San Paolo alla Regola churches in Rome (as an ICCROM team member). Involved in the projects of conservation and restauration of icons in the Royal Church in Kragujevac; the collection of icons in laboratory of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Istanbul (Turkey).

Published papers:

  • S. Dragutinovic: »Conservation, restoration and presentation of Roman wall paintings fragments«, »Singidunum« Journal, Archaeological Institute - Belgrade, No.1, 1997, p.181-186, (in Serbian, abstract in English);
  • S. Dragutinovic et al.: »Archaeogeophysical exploration in Yugoslavia«, Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop »Electric, magnetic and electromagnetic methods applied to cultural heritage«, September 29 - October 1, 1997, Ostuni, Italy.
  • R. Falcone, S. Dragutinovic, C. de Morant: »Research on six injection grouts used in conservation of mural paintings«, ICCROM Report, 1998, Rome, Italy.
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  • S. Dragutinovic Komatina: »Conservation of wall paintings in tombs and caves«, monograph,  Andrejevic Foundation, Belgrade, 2004, p.110 (in Serbian, abstract in English)









»Conservation of wall paintings in tombs and caves«, monograph, Andrejevic Foundation, Belgrade, 2004