Vladislav Šćepanović


Vladislav Šćepanović

Art field: Drawing, Painting
Subjects: Drawing, Painting

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje in 1994, and completed postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He gained his PhD in art theory and media in 2009 at the Interdisciplinary doctoral studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade, mentor prof. dr Divna Vuksanovic.

He is employee of the Faculty of Applied Arts since 1998. Associate Professor since 2011, Professor since 2018.

Founder and chief editor of the Art Association ART OF REALITY and founder of the artistic group HARD SOC.

During 2013/2014, he was the acting director of the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade.

He had 26 solo exhibition and lot of group shows in the country and abroad.

He was president of the Board 55 October salon.

In his artistic work, Scepanović discusses the world of simulation and enduring forces of domination and resistance in the mass media. Basic motive of his work is the study of media scene representing the open display of the power of capital and the ruling economic and political structures.













































Kinder 2, oil on canvas, poliptih, 140 × 140 cm, 2012.

Kinder, oil on canvas, 140 × 140 cm, 2012.

Raphaello Vs Coce, oil on canvas, 200 × 160 cm, 2014.

Things Go Better With God, oil on canvas, 200 × 160 cm, 2014.

RAF, oil on canvas, polyptych, 150 × 90 cm, 2008.

Sadam Husein, oil on canvas, 110 × 90 cm, 2003.


Say Pepsi, please,
oil on canvas, 190 × 195 cm, 2008.